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Gambling is one of the favorite pastimes for a lot of people from around the world! But this doesn’t mean that it is legal to gamble anywhere because it’s famous. This is why casinos are constructed for people to legally gamble in their state of countries. Since we all know how popular gambling is, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see casinos offering online services now. One of the most sought out casino game today is Bingo!

Everyone knows how to play Bingo since this has been a household name for a very long time now. Did you know that even if Bingo is such a popular game offline, it is really hard to find a website that has a decent game to even be worth called “Top”? Today, we will be sharing one of the hardest articles we’ve made so far (due to the small number of websites that has Bingo) to you and share the top 3 Bitcoin Bingo casinos. We will be showing you guys screenshots of what their Bingo games look like, maybe talk about how to play them, and generally give you an idea of how their website works. Without further delay, let’s talk about that!

Bingo History

Bingo is significantly “younger” compared to other games that people still bet up to this date. The game’s history can be traced back to Italy in the 1500’s! It originated from the Italian game “Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” and was introduced in France a couple of hundred years later were cards, tokens and the calling out of numbers were added to the game. Today, the game plays as “BINGO” and is popular all throughout the world. Just like any popular game/sports, gambling naturally slides in to add excitement to regular play.

Websites that offer the best Bitcoin Bingo

We will and have mentioned multiple times in this article that Bingo might be a popular game, but it is hard to look for websites that offer the mentioned game. Below are websites that offer BINGO along with screenshots of their version of the famous game. Please be advised that we listed these websites in the hopes of providing a diverse selection for gamblers that love to place bets on Bingo.


Play Bingo with

One of the websites that offer Bitcoin Bingo would be If you are huge in the online casino betting world then you would be familiar with the website’s name and services it provides. The website offers sports betting, casino games such as slots and poker, virtual sports, and of course, what we’re after today; Bingo! You might think that Bingo is easy to find when it comes to online casino websites, but the truth is that not all of them would have the game available for you to play. is just one a tiny group of websites that offer the game to bet on.

Now aside from the one solo BINGO game available to play at here in, they also have 8 Keno games to enjoy! If you get tired of playing Bingo, then you have Keno to blast out. Anyways, back to 1xBit’s Bingo game. The game can be accessed through their own separate tab located on the upper part of the website. Just click on the BINGO tab and you will be redirected there. Bingo is played by highlighting the numbers on your tickets that are drawn from either a manual container or machine. Most of the games played nowadays, especially online casinos are automated. The only issue with the BINGO game found here at is the fact that they do not have any letters above the tickets.

It should be like this: For example, if B-10 is called out or drawn, the player looks at column B on the available tickets and look for number 10 if they have it on the ticket. If they do, they mark that out and try and form available patterns to follow.

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Now aside from the available Bingo game, you can play here at they offer a vast number of casino games to choose from! They’ve got slot machines, table games, they even have Forex trading. To name a few of their game providers we’ve got Belatra, Quickspin, XPlosive, Payson, Red Rake, Thunderkick, Join Games, and a lot more! is also legendary when it comes to their sports betting tab. They’ve got literally have more than a thousand betting lines to place bets on. If you are looking for a website to just relax and play Bingo at and sometimes want to spend a little with all other services they provide, then this is the perfect place for you. Conclusion

Overall, the website is great since they offer a lot of games and sports to bet on. is a huge online casino website that is known all throughout the internet. Creating an account for them just for Bingo brings you a lot of perks and that includes the ability to play through their other services. Do you have an account with them? Please let us know in the comments section below the experience!

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Bitcoin Bingo with

One of the underrated online casino websites today is The website offers a wide range of casino games for you to choose from! The only disadvantage they have would be the fact that they do not offer any live games to choose from compared to other websites today. But they easily compensate that with the number of promotions they have, their affiliate program that reaches up to 50%! And a VIP club that offers tons of incentives! Without further delay, let’s look into their available Bingo games. Also check this promotion page for the latest promo codes.

The available Bingo games for customers to play with on this website are listed above. As you guys can see, they have seven games in total for you to choose from! Since they offer so many Bingo games, we will try to show you guys as many as we can.

First on the list is their Super Bonus Bingo game! In general, the game is really nostalgic! It brings back the early 90’s style slot casino game vibe. Don’t get confused with the numbers on the picture since they are there to help you win. To start the game, you need to select between 2 and 10 numbers then hit play. The system will then draw out 20 random numbers between 1 and 80. Every number drawn will have a specific prize, the more numbers drawn from your selection, the higher the prize multiplier is. After each play just select another batch of numbers and your good to go! This is a really fun and entertaining rendition of Bingo.

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Samba Bingo is an interesting Bingo game wherein you will have “Cards” to play with. This is awesome since its closer to the real Bingo game we all know. To play the game, you need to choose how many cards you want to play with; a maximum of four and minimum of one card is required to start the game. Aside from that, players are able to change the stake per card between 1.00 and 5.00. On the upper part of the game window are the combinations that a player needs to get with their random cards. The more numbers drawn, the higher the payout will be. The yellow balls are the regular balls drawn and the white ones located on the middle of the game window are manually drawn balls. These white balls are not free and you need to pay for them to get a higher chance of winning big.

The third game we are going to cover for Bingo games is called “Bingo Bonanza”. This one is pretty easy to win since you do not need to choose any card or generate one. To start the game, the player only needs to choose a stake amount between 0.50 up to 10.00 then click play. To win the game, you only need to match two balls of the multiplier and get the sum value as your prize. Conclusion

When talking about, one thing comes to mind; options! They have a lot of options and offer a good selection of Bingo games to be played at. Their Bingo renditions are really awesome and it’s not that hard to have fun with them. Our favorite was their Samba Bingo because of the simplicity and excitement it offers. We would also like to include the website supports “Free Play” which is great if you just want to try out their games without having to deposit any money. The only thing that’s bugging us is that the website does not offer any live Bingo games at all. But despite that, everything seems fine and worth your time to check out. They also have a live chat feature for their customers to take advantage of. In general, this is a great website to play Bingo at!

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Crypto Bingo with

One of the websites that we wanted to include on this Bingo list would be This is because their online casino website has complete games like slots, roulette, blackjack, and live table games that you are able to enjoy with them! Though their Bingo game isn’t that fantastic, they have a lot of features that you might be interested in. First, they have crazy bonuses that go up to 100% for your first deposit! They also have 50% reload + free spins! Aside from the crazy rebate bonuses, they also have regular tournaments being played on the website. You can read more about the general bonus terms and services here.

Shown in the screenshot above, we’ve got a Bingo slot machine game. How do you play it? It’s really simple actually; just hit Play and the machine will roll. Each bet costs EUR 0.75, so you really need to make it count. The number of bets placed can also be changed and tweaked by clicking on the cog wheel located on the upper right-hand side of the game page.

There are a lot of these Bingo machine games available on casinos that are not able to provide Bingo games like the ones that we have mentioned earlier in this article. What bugs us is that this is not even a legit Bingo game since it’s just a slot machine game with a “Bingo” design in mind. Sadly, more than 80% of online casino websites today offer Bingo games such as the one shown in the screenshot and only 20% of them provide real Bingo games. Conclusion

The website was included in the list due to the number of promotions they have and to give you guys the idea of what Bingo “games” are scattered across the internet today. Their “BINGO” game is really a disappointment in regards to providing a Bingo service to their customers. Honestly, we think that slot Bingo games should be placed under the slot machine tab and not separate and labeled as Bingo.

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So what do you think about our top 3 bitcoin bingo list? The first website that we talked about was The website is huge especially on the sports betting side of gambling. If you love Bingo by heart but sometimes want to bet on your favorite sports team, then this website is perfect for you! The next one is, a website that has been providing gambling services for a very good time now. They also have awesome promotions, affiliate programs, and a VIP club! Again, the website provides options for you to choose from in case you do not want to play Bingo anymore.

Last on the list is, a website that has a decent number of casino games and one “Bingo” game that is now being passed on the internet as the real Bingo game. Overall, the first two websites would be the right choice to make and the third one mentioned was just for reference of wrong tagging. Have you guys tried out this mentioned website above? If you have personal experience with them, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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