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Way before people from Greece were betting on either the Earth is flat or not, people have been placing bets on sports. Sports’ betting is truly an ancient form of gambling that has remained unchanged throughout the years. All you need to do is choose a winning team or person and bet what you can and get the chance to multiply your money if your pick wins. There have been a lot of micro-betting options placed in between winning and losing, but it still runs on the basic foundations of sports betting.

Over the years, sports betting have evolved into many shapes and sizes all in the hopes of making it easier for the betters to have a hassle-free experience. Stadiums and sports complexes have been constructed to make it a comfortable experience for spectators, and of course, for bets to easily happen. Fast forward to the time of the internet and cryptocurrency, sports’ betting today is so much easier and more sinful due to the easy access provided by the best websites that offer bitcoin sports betting services.

Today, we will be talking about the top 3 websites that offer Bitcoin sports betting. We will be showing you guys a preview of some of their highest rated sports listings to give you an idea on which website to go to for specific sports. Without further delay, let’s talk about that!

Websites that offer the best Sports Betting for Bitcoin

Of course, we will be not only providing you guys with a dead list of random websites, we plan to provide the best of what they have to offer. Each of the websites will have their own personality and traits that will be perfect for what you usually bet online. Provided below are the websites that provide sports betting services to people that want to bet on their favorite team and player.

Sports betting with

Have you ever got that feeling that your favorite shirt brand has never grown up to the trend? Every time you buy a shirt, you think you got it from your 90’s closet and not from 2018? There are countless websites out there today that are like that, but not Here, you are able to choose from more than a thousand betting lines, not to mention, front row seats to the next eSports betting scene! Yes, eSports today is a thing and gamblers are betting thousands of dollars in this multimillion dollar industry.

We know how exciting eSports can be because we play a lot of video games. But for people that are new to the scene, we urge you guys to watch any eSport match, and we guarantee that you’ll get hooked the minute start watching it. The niche is now a multimillion-dollar industry wherein huge sponsorships and team assets are worth millions! This is the epitome of gambling advancement! Here at, gamblers are able to place bets on available eSports games such as Counter-Strike, Defense of the Ancients 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, and Warcraft 3.

Shown in the screenshot above is the general window for all the available games that you are able to choose from. The little TV like button shows if that game has an available live stream once it goes live. On the right-hand side next to the main event page, we’ve got the betting odds. The right-hand side panel houses the bet slip along with the available games that are happening at that moment.

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Aside from being one of the “cooler” websites that offer eSports betting services, also offers a myriad of Football lines to bet on! If you love betting on your favorite Football (Soccer) team then we encourage you guys to check this website out. Major sporting events from different countries like England’s Championship and League Two are listed here. They also have Spain’s Primera Division, Segunda Division, German’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Lega Pro 1, and France’s Ligue 1. And the list does not stop there! They, of course, have lines for Mexico, Portugal, Finland, Belgium, Australia, and international matches. We just can’t stress how much awesome the lines of Football here are!

Of course, the website isn’t just all about eSports and Football lines, they also have a ton of betting lines for Basketball, Tennis, American Football, Futsal, Golf, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Snooker, Darts, MMA, Ruby Union, Cricket, Alpine Skiing, Boxing, Badminton, Biathlon, and Cross Country. Conclusion

We made sure that will be mentioned in this article due to their live stream ability to show you the game that you are betting on. This idea might be as crude as it can be, but believe it or not, this feature is not present in all bitcoin casino websites today! This automatically elevates your bet since you are watching it unfold real time. With this feature, it is impossible not to say that is surely a top website to place sports bets at. Not only that, they offer a lot of betting lines for different sporting events from around the world. People are also able to watch the sports events live through their live stream feature.

Their customer service is great since they offer a live chat feature for their customers to take advantage of. Generally, this website is great and deserves to be listed as one of the best sports book websites to date.

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Bitcoin Sports betting with

Next website on the list is The website offers a lot of betting lines from American Football to Volleyball. We included the website on the list because they offer a good amount of sports lines and a hefty 100% bonus for your first deposit on either Sportsbook or Casino. The maximum amount of BTC that can be earned is 5 BTC. Compared to the previous website mentioned, does not have any live stream capabilities but they offer live in-play bets for you to change or add bets on the go even if the game is playing.

The website is known for providing the best basketball lines in the market. Aside from providing awesome basketball lines, they also cover NCAA and other international leagues. The reason why we included them in the top 3 list is that they have the “live in-play” betting capabilities. This type of betting makes your bets more interactive and exciting, not as accelerating as watching a live stream, but hey, not all people like to watch a game that they wagered at.

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Aside from their basketball lines, the website is also known for their Ice Hockey betting lines. They have tons of hockey games from around the world to choose and bet on! To name a few leagues we’ve Extraliga, Alps Hockey League, KHL, MHL, SHL, DEL, AHL, and NHL just to name a tad bit of the whole pie. Fans of the league are able to bet on the money line, goal spreads, and totals depending on what you think is the most profitable.

If you are not a fan of the two sports mentioned above, you can also place bets on American Football, Badminton, Bandy, Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Floorball, Handball, MMA, Rugby, Snooker, Table Tennis, Tennis, and Volleyball. Conclusion

What we like best about this website that we intentionally did not mention earlier is their latency. Moving from one sporting event to another will not take you that much time and it would not ruin your day. There are a lot of sports betting websites today that over-stuff their website with betting lines not thinking about the overall user experience with a clogged website. Here at, they thought about that and maximized the usage of collapsing tabs to minimize latency. The only problem is that their sportsbook tab does not have the live chat feature and you need to go to their casino tab and look for it. But aside from that, the website is solid and offers good Ice Hockey and Basketball lines.

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Crypto Sports betting with

One of the websites that do not fail to be on the top list of people that are into online casino and sports betting would be Their website has been providing betting services for a good time now and has not failed to impress us. They have more than four thousand, yes 4000 sports lines to bet on! Imagine how many lines that would be! This is also the reason why their website is starting to slow down due to the number of lines being listed on a daily basis. With that being said, people can’t still deny the fact that they have the right to be on the top when it comes to bitcoin sports betting.

We all know that the most betted sport in the world is Football! We are not talking about American Football, but “Soccer”! Here at, they are considered the Godfather of Bitcoin Football betting due to the number of lines they are providing in a regular basis. At the time this article was written, they currently had more than a thousand Football listings! From UEFA Champions League to the Welsh Cup, everything in the Football world can be betted here. The available sporting events are listed per country or international league to make it easier for you to scan for the match that you want to place bets on.

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Next, to the number of available Ice Hockey games provided by, 1Xbit also offers a crazy amount of lines to bet on your favorite ice hockey league at. They’ve got lines for NHL, KHL, VHL, EBEL, OHL, Danish Cup, and a lot more! If you like betting on your favorite Football team but love to place side bets on Ice Hockey, then this is the website you need to have an account with.

Aside from Football and Ice Hockey, they also offer sporting events for Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Baseball, Biathlon, Bicycle Racing, Board Games, Bowling, and of course, eSports! Just like the previous websites mentioned, they also have live games being catered here! Now with an account with, users are not only able to enjoy a vast number of lines to choose and bet on, they also have the ability to watch the game live. Conclusion

Aside from the obvious reason that they have countless numbers of sports to bet on, they also have crazy bonuses to take advantage of. They have 100% Bonus on your first deposit; unlimited cash back bonuses and accumulator of the day. is known for having crazy bonuses and a serious number of betting lines to go crazy about! With this live games feature, it is unthinkable to not include them in this top 3 list. When it comes to customer service, they offer live chat support for issues that need immediate assistance and resolution.

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We would like to end this article with a few words explaining why the websites above are listed as our top 3 bitcoin sports betting casinos. First, we would like to say that not all sports betting websites have casinos. You might find a dozen sports betting websites that have been operating since the early 2000’s but none of them cater to casinos at all. Some of the online casinos today that accept Bitcoin, only provide casino services and not double as a sports betting website. The provided top 3 websites above does not only offer great sports betting experiences, but they also offer casino services too.

For the second reason, we know that every single betting website may it be a casino or sports betting one, does have different niches and personalities. When talking about sports betting, a website is always unique in the way that they provide different sports lines. For example, we have mBitcasino that is huge in eSports betting, Cloudbet for Basketball, and 1xBit for our Football fans. Every website that you visit today has these different lines, and providing the list above should help you find the perfect website to bet on your favorite teams or players at. Have you guys tried these websites yet? If you have, please do share a few words of your experience in the provided comment section below.

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