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If played right, Dice is a game of chance which makes it an automatic favorite in the gambling world. With the popularization of online gambling websites today, it isn’t a surprise to see bitcoin dice games being scattered all over. But despite the popularity, there are only a number of websites that offer the full dice experience. Some websites might have a few games like Sic Bo (an ancient Chinese gambling game) also a casino staple or they might have automated dice games to play with. But even if you are just handed over automated dice, the experience and fun are still up there!

This top 3 bitcoin dice casino article will be different from the rest of our top 3 articles since it is really hard to compare a game that we know everybody recognizes but is really hard to actually find. Today, we will focus on 3 different websites that offer different dice games that are popular in the bitcoin casino dice world. We will be looking into their bitcoin dice games along with how to create an account and what their customer services are. Without further delay, let’s talk about that!

Dice History

For many centuries, dice has been played for fun or gambling purposes. They say that dice was invented by the Greeks but the world is truly uncertain where it originated from. The game has gone through different revisions over the years depending on what region you are playing the game at. Aside from the regular craps game that you see in casinos today, Sic Bo is also being played and very well known all throughout the world.

Websites that offer Bitcoin Dice

If we combine all the bitcoin casinos today that has the word “dice” in the game, it would be a huge task due to the number of websites that offer such game. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of renditions of the popular casino game, but we will be focusing only on three main dice games that are well, of course, worth your time. Below are the websites that offer different dice games.


Bitcoin Dice with is a website that offers not only Dice games but a variety of casino games for you to choose from! They have a lot of slot games to choose from, jackpot games, card games such as poker and baccarat, blackjack and of course, a live casino where they have most of the famous live casino games listed. Here at, they have a handful of “Dice” games to choose from, but we will just be showing you guys a couple to get an idea of the available games they have.

The first game on the list of Dice games available in is their “Scratch Dice” which is really popular in the online casino world today. If you search “Dice” on the majority of casinos today, you will not have a hard time finding this as part of your top search results. The game is undeniably really easy to get addicted to due to the simple mechanics of the game.

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On the screenshot provided, we got a lucky triple dice and got x30 the amount of the ticket price. Since the game is playable through their “Free Play” option, we were able to purchase tickets and tried our luck. Every ticket costs 1.00 to play for free but we are not sure how much it would cost you in BTC if you are playing for the real thing. This really simple game can easily be something that can turn a “quick game” into hours of unadulterated fun!

Another really common Dice game that you will probably encounter while looking for the next website to play dice at would be “Joker Dice”; a slot machine dice game. Compared to all other dice games out there in the market today, this is probably the least that you are going to enjoy the most. Let’s be honest here, a lot! And we mean, a lot of casino websites today offer this kind of dice game and not including it as one of the features games of the suggested websites would not be fun. Conclusion

The website doesn’t have any Craps nor Sic Bo games available for their customers to enjoy but they have a handful of alternatives that will be well worth your time if you are into video dice games. In addition, the website itself isn’t a blank space on the internet since they offer more than just dice games in general. They have crazy promotions and tournaments that happen on a regular basis. When it comes to customer service, they have a live chat channel wherein you are able to interact with their operators and get your issues resolved immediately.

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Crypto Dice with as an online casino website provides an interesting array of games to choose from. They have a lot of slot games, roulette, blackjack, and a myriad of live tables to enjoy. What made us include this website is the fact that they offer a lot of games and bonuses! To start off, they have up to 100% first deposit bonuses and still get something back for your second deposit. Their tournaments are great and are updated on a regular basis. Last but not the least; they have a VIP program that of course, not only elevates your account from the rest but gives out really awesome perks and advantages that a regular account cannot enjoy.

The Golden Joker dice game from is just similar to what we have provided earlier. The website provides dice games that are not unique compared to other websites that offer casino services. Aside from the available golden joker dice game, they also have the dice scratch wherein players are able to play a “Dice themed” scratch game. As mentioned earlier, please do not take this game lightly as this can easily empty your pockets due to the addictive nature of the game. The reason why scratch games are addictive (especially this dice scratch game) is due to the simplicity of the game itself. Conclusion

As a gambling website, is an awesome place to be if you like to play online casino games with your Bitcoin. They offer a lot of familiar names to choose from. They not only offer regular casino games, but they also have a lot of live tables to play with! In general, the website itself is nice since they have awesome bonus features like rebates and tournaments which are always welcome when it comes to online casinos. Their “Dice” games aren’t that great but they make it up for the number of games they provide. When it comes to customer service, they also offer a live chat support which is very useful when it comes to getting quick resolutions.

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There are a lot of websites that offer Dice games today, there’s no secret in that. But the reason why we chose these websites above is the fact that they offer more than what you would expect from them. This article is about providing the best bitcoin dice casinos for you to be able to play at. With that in mind, we included the additional things that you would want for your casino to play dice at. Do you have an account on the mentioned websites above? Please let us know in the comment section below!


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